Life is one hell of a ride

Life is one hell of a ride
Situations which make you laugh,
Years later the same can make you cry.

Things which once caught your attention,
Years later you want them no more.

People whom you tell all your secrets,
Years later they don’t even know your address.

Brands which you cannot afford,
Years later those are the once you own.

Be it little, Be it small.
Life changes, for all.

Don’t resist change,
Embrace the change in life,
Life is one hell of a ride.


24 thoughts on “Life is one hell of a ride”

  1. Happy memories are gonna make u sad in future… And u will b happy knowing u have raised above the sad and tough phase of life !! True that..!! Life is much much more than we can really express !! Good going bhaiya 🙂

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  2. Life is unpredictable and temporary . . We should go with the flow .It always give us something either good memories or bad . . cherish all the good memories & learn lesson frm bad1 . . 🙂


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