Sleep Mantra

Anyone ever slept in a lecture? Were you ever caught sleeping in a lecture? Am sure both happened to almost all of us. Sahil has a particularly interesting incident. So let’s hear it from him.
Characters in order of appearance.
Sahil Surana : Narrator
Prof. N. B. S : Lecturer

As I returned back to University after a heart-warming vacation, I kept the belongings in my hostel room and ran to class. Prof. N.B.S had already started his lecture of nano-cementitious materials. After around twenty minutes of sitting in the awfully boring lecture about strengthening the property of cement by adding nano-fibers, I looked down on my watch to check how many more minutes of suffering were left and was engrossed in admiring the ultra interesting movement of needles. Just then the professor started saying something totally unrelated to the syllabus, “Sahil ji, if you are feeling sleepy then perhaps we should arrange a matrix for you outside?

I was stunned to hear such a thing. I instantly looked up and said “No sir, I was not sleeping, I was just looking at… ”.

Ignoring my reply he continued “Not just me, all other teachers have the same complaint about you.”

“Sir I was not sleeping now”.

Again ignoring me completely he continued, “If you have to sleep don’t come to my class.”

I did not try to speak again, as I was inaudible to him. I think he wanted to say all this for a long time and was not getting an opportunity. So I let the man have his happy seconds.

Well, the Prof was right. I used to sleep in almost all classes. No wait, not ‘almost’, just ‘all’. These copied lectures going on in the same way year after year did not interest me. In the year 2000, the same fiber was used in strengthening cement as it was being used now. Is the technology standing still, is there no improvement even after a decade of ongoing research? Well, since everything the Prof. taught was written in the slides, there was really not much need to pay attention. Moreover, I was an expert in sleeping. Yes, I am. I have slept in every class of my B.Tech 3rd semester curriculum onwards. And I have slept while sitting in the very first bench. If you want me to sleep just bring a professor and ask him to speak on his favorite topic. I can challenge you that I shall sleep within two minutes right on his face. I am not proud of this habit but, well. Hell Yeah! That’s my specialty. Kya kar loge?

Don’t think that I have not tried to get over this habit. I have tried many things like, drinking sips of water, splashing my eyes with water, keeping my legs in motion, both hands and legs in motion, even chewing gum. But you know the interesting thing about human mind (or just mine); after a short while it adjusts itself in the situation and moves on in doing what it was supposed to do, which in my case was sleeping. I soon figured out that it’s a bad thing to remove good habits and the day I understood this great mantra I stopped fighting with my mind. 🙂

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