Book review : I belong to the stage

A short and crisp book review


Book name : I belong to the stage

Author name : Karan Singh Surana

Book pages : 130

Format : Ebook

Description : After some persuasion from Natasha, Sahil agreed to reboot their relationship but with boundaries, as the families approval clause prevailed. The spark in the relationship was ignited upon Sahil’s visit to Pune but it was rather short-lived. After another two years, Natasha’s paranoia of ‘father won’t agree’ started again and collapsed eventually with a final family meeting.
Along with the research job Sahil started his Ph.D but wanted to do something creative too. In his hustle, he met Vikram, Vishakha and Puja on a train journey, who not only went on to become his best pals but also inspired him to become a stand-up comedian.
Soon Sahil met Kenni, a heart-throb in the stand-up industry, upon whose advice, Sahil entered the Comedy Hunt on Youtube with a…

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