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Good Morning Everyone,

As stated earlier, I’m going to present here few parts from my debut novel ‘All The Best, Baby’ (which from this point forth will be abbreviated as ATBB). But since no one has read the summary of ATBB (yes, No one, as I recently edited it), hence it’s an obvious choice to acquaint you all briefly with what the novel represents. Yet again I’m a semi-mysterious clever guy so I will scribble here a summary of my synopsis. 😛

Here it comes –

ATBB is a semi-fiction work, orbiting around the M.Tech duration of Sahil Surana, in Orion University, Greater Noida, during the period 2011 – 2013. The story primarily revolves around friendship, true love, corruption at the university level, caste differences in society and all evenly merging towards belief in oneself and the Almighty. Time again the feelings of being in True Love have been elucidated throughout the book.


At the beginning of M.Tech, Sahil faces difficulty in coping up with the 7:1 sex ratio in class, until Upasana and Sneha becomes his best pals. His first year in university hostel and second year in pg (paying guest) was full of fun and exciting incidents. Sahil’s love interest Natasha Singh was pursuing B.Tech in SIT, Vellore as was his best cousin Sreyansh, while Sreyansh’s girlfriend, Payal was pursuing B.Tech in Orion University. Sahil also explains how he met Natasha and his motivation of leaving Kolkata.

Things at the university were going suave until the first semester after which the teaching assistantship stipend was discontinued, thus starts the fight for what’s righteous, leading to many difficulties and face-off with reality.


In June 2012 when Natasha and Sahil declared their relationship to their respective parents, they faced nothing but criticism and loathing. Eventually Natasha decided to break up as she was sure that her dad would never agree for this relationship. The very next day Natasha apologized and they were back together again, leaving Sahil in a dilemma as whether her promise of ‘never backing out ever again’ could be trusted? Since Natasha had two more years until graduation, Sahil assumed things might change in their favor, so their relationship kept growing better with time.


Sahil’s roomies Pankaj, Ajit, Fraz and Ankit always kept the aura lively, making their room the hangout place in pg. With night long card games, insane jokes at each other’s mercy, late night street cricket, Holi celebration and few others, the time spent in pg was extraordinarily satisfying. Meanwhile in university, the stipend matter went on even after a year and a half of several meetings fetching out the real character of few high profile administrators.


Soon it was time for Sahil to bid goodbye to everyone who had made his life wonderful in the two years duration. The fun ended then and there. In Kolkata, Sahil was searching for job and also fighting with family so that they accept his relationship with Natasha. Many strange things happened during this time and Natasha could not bear the pressure anymore, thus she broke all bonds with Sahil and went back to Vellore for completing the final year of her B.Tech. Sahil was left with nothing but a questionable mark on his so called ‘True Love’.


In this stage of mental and emotional trauma he landed up with a job in Orion University approximately a month after break-up.

What happened next? Was the justice served in the teaching assistantship matter? Did the situations change Sahil’s beliefs or vice-versa? What happened to Natasha? Well, stay hooked to find out.


Please feel free to convey your likes/dislikes/suggestions. 🙂

A Happy Janmashtami and a rejuvenating Sunday to all 🙂 Stay Blessed 🙂


14 thoughts on “ATBB Sketch”

  1. Was already waiting for ur novel guruji… nw my patience level is becoming zero after reading ur sumary…….really excited to read to novel ASAP…..


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