Chapter 8 sliced from middle


You know how thrilling it is read a detective/crime novel from middle!! That way you are intrigued to find out both – what happened earlier and what’s gonna happen later. Let’s find if the same holds true for my not-even-close-to-detective type novel. Here is an exciting extract from Chapter 8 narrated by Sahil Surana.

………. After reaching SIT, I gave Natasha an hour to pack her stuff as later she was supposed to give party to her friends. Sreyansh and I had a good time having dinner with all her pretty friends (of course they knew Sreyansh and vice versa) and we finally slaughtered a butterscotch cake. Later we took a short trip through the SIT campus and departed for our respective hostels to pick up our luggage so as to leave for Kolkata.

Just as we were about to leave, Sreyansh gave breaking news, “Bro I can’t find my ticket”.

I thought he was kidding, “Yeah sure you can’t find it. There are people waiting for us and we have a train to catch in forty-five minutes. Let’s go”.

“Bro I am serious”. He was actually going through all his stuff.

“You are going to be so dead man. How can you not remember where you kept your ticket?” I shouted.

We started searching everywhere from his cupboard to underneath his bed, checked and rechecked his drawers only to find no evidence of the ticket. Every passing second felt longer than ever. The train was at 00:30 hrs and it was already 11:50 pm. I texted Natasha ‘Go with your friends, we will meet directly at the station’. The last resort for us was to look into the dustbin. Sreyansh emptied the contents of the dustbin and checked every paper only to find more disappointment. I saw some crumbled papers beside the dustbin place and asked him to check them too. There in one crushed envelop he discovered what we had been searching for a decade now. He jumped in air like a WWE player with ticket in one hand and announced “I declare the new place to keep your travel tickets safely is right beside trash can”.

I was so relieved yet I could hear the watch ticking “We better hurry now. Lock your room fast. I am not even a tiny bit curious how your ticket got there and I will kick your ass later but right now hurryyyyy”.

“It’s a funny story … three days back …” Sreyansh said while locking the door.

I interrupted “DUDE, not really in the mood. The story will make me kick you harder. For now we need to catch the train”.

Somehow we reached the station and got in train just as it blew its horns. I met Natasha and everybody else. We three had different seats in different ac coaches so Natasha and Sreyansh requested some of the known SITians to exchange the seats and finally by 01:00 am Natasha, me and Sreyansh were in seat no.s 25, 26 and 27. I was too drowsy to kick Sreyansh’s butt so I let him sleep on the top bunker, me in the middle and Natasha occupied the lower one.

At around 03:00 am I woke up to pee. Before climbing back to my bunker I sat down for three seconds to watch my sleeping beauty. As I was about to stand up she held my hand and opened her sensual eyes.

“If I knew you looked so beautiful while sleeping, I would never wake you up”, I said looking deep into her eyes.

She shied away with a smile and closed her eyes. “You know I can’t catch up much sleep in train”.

“So what does the princess wants to do. Shall we go for a walk?”

She said, “But I will sleep anyway” with an even bigger smile and showed me a thumbs up……………….

Hope you all enjoyed it. Lemme know 🙂


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