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Interviewed, again!

Hello pals,

I was recently interviewed by WriterStory for my debut novel All the best, baby.

Lets sneak in:

WS – What inspired you to start writing?

KSS – I had a certain dream to fulfill, so the will to write preceded the inspiration. Thus once I started writing, ideas kept pouring. As the story progressed, the situations and instances around served as the inspiration to continue writing the story until completion.

Further, the rejections from many publication houses inspired me to start my own blog where happiness follows with ‘publishing a post’ . Off late I have also started writing Hindi shayaris.

WS – What did you like to read when you were a boy?

KSS – As a boy I read anything and everything that caught my attention, be it Chacha Chaudhary, Tintin, Obelix, Huckleberry Finn and what not. However my real attraction towards literature was sought upon by one great person – Premchand. I was always mesmerized while reading his stories and novels as everything he wrote not only had exceptional emotional sense but also every instance seemed to pop out live.


To read the full interview Click here


Thank you for all the love and support.

Book Review: All the best baby

My book’s first overseas review

Vishal Bheeroo

Book Review: all the best, baby

Author: Karan Singh Surana

Rating: Two and a half stars

“It’s better to kill the misunderstanding before the misunderstanding kills the relationships.”

Displaying ATTB_3_2.jpg


There has been countless tales of campus romance on the Indian market during the past decade since Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone..has changed the way we look at literature or Hinglish for that matter. There are a bevy of authors spurning the tale of love, romance and break up. What makes the authors tick is the connection they make with the audience who identify with the journey, characters, emotions and the entire premise. I believe that romance in college is here to stay and what makes the journey worthwhile is how you narrate your story. When Karan Singh Surana contacted me for the review of ‘all the Best baby’, I willfully agreed since it’s my favorite genre. All The Best…

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Sunshine Blogger Award

The Editor strikes back!!

This time with a set of questionnaire. Me, not being a regular blogger, it feels like a bliss (gives me more content to write). 🙂

Lets ride.

1) How do you see your blog?

An interesting question to start with…… I am usually stuck at the first question, like when mom asks – Who were you roaming around with? …….Well, I started the blog to publicize my debut novel as well as to showcase my contemplations. Also its a great medium to connect with like-minded people who are interested in nothing more than what you write.

2) Which genre you are most attracted with?

When it comes to reading there isn’t any particular genre I look for. I read from a wide variety of topics like – contemporary novels, blogs, poems, ancient history, scientific theories, positive mental attitude books etc…

3) What are the ambitions, being a writer?

‘Live life one day at a time’ is amongst my life motto’s. So no long term goals framed in the writing field. Currently I want to continue publishing posts on my blog (Publishing is such an attractive term for us writers). Also I have started working on another novel which shall be the sequel to All the best, baby.

4) What can be the reason, according to you, of writer’s attraction towards coffee?

I write when my mind is free from all other activities so never had such attraction towards coffee. Although scientifically speaking (Research is my primary profession), drinking coffee (as well as its aroma) stimulates the brain and enhances the memory performance to certain extent. Essentially it ignites our senses (feelings).

5) How and why writing can ever soothe a soul?

I believe a person who has the ability to scribble (present) ones feelings always has an edge. Writing gives a medium to  connect one’s thoughts with the world around us. Essentially, for me, writing is a sophisticated form of Vomiting – you flush it all out of your system but in an organized way.

And one always has a glow after vomiting. 😉

Thank you Swatii for nominating me. 🙂

Now, The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (just like I did)
  2. Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you. (Feels good to answer)
  3. Nominate some other bloggers for this award. (Sharing is caring)
  4. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated. (One terrific brain exercise it is)
  5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated. (Else they might not know)

My Nominees:

1. Sharmishtha – Let the experience speak

2. Jobsons – Waiting for your answers

3. E. I. Wong – Waiting for your answers

4. Bree Paige – Hope you answer

Now the questions:

a. What’s your favourite posture when it comes to writing? Do you prefer laptop/ipad or the traditional pen and pad?

b. Do you use own life experiences or its always fictional?

c. Does sitting in nature help writing? If yes then how?

d. Who is your role model in life and why?

e. Is verbal narration better than writing?

Phewww…. Completed 🙂

Karan Singh Surana the author of All the best Baby

My first non-job related interview. Thank you Sharmishtha 🙂

Indie Adda

karan book cover

SB: Tell us about yourself.
KSS: I am a research fellow by profession with a post-graduation degree in engineering. Having lived my entire life in Kolkata with roots in Rajasthan I am a present dweller of NCR, India. I am a firm believer in the Almighty and have an aspiration to explore the Universe from close proximity someday… Recently I have entered the literary field by publishing a semi-fictional novel called All the best, Baby (https://www.facebook.com/kssbaby) with Half Baked Beans publishing house (https://www.facebook.com/Half8akedBeans).

SB: A little about your book.
KSS: My book falls under the genre ‘Romance’ but it entails lot more than just a romantic tale, like friendship, corruption, caste differences in society and faith. The trailer is available at youtube which might give a better overview about the book.
Trailer link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEbMMJyp01Q

SB: What made you a writer and what inspired this book?
KSS: While pursuing my…

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