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Sunshine Blogger Award

The Editor strikes back!!

This time with a set of questionnaire. Me, not being a regular blogger, it feels like a bliss (gives me more content to write). 🙂

Lets ride.

1) How do you see your blog?

An interesting question to start with…… I am usually stuck at the first question, like when mom asks – Who were you roaming around with? …….Well, I started the blog to publicize my debut novel as well as to showcase my contemplations. Also its a great medium to connect with like-minded people who are interested in nothing more than what you write.

2) Which genre you are most attracted with?

When it comes to reading there isn’t any particular genre I look for. I read from a wide variety of topics like – contemporary novels, blogs, poems, ancient history, scientific theories, positive mental attitude books etc…

3) What are the ambitions, being a writer?

‘Live life one day at a time’ is amongst my life motto’s. So no long term goals framed in the writing field. Currently I want to continue publishing posts on my blog (Publishing is such an attractive term for us writers). Also I have started working on another novel which shall be the sequel to All the best, baby.

4) What can be the reason, according to you, of writer’s attraction towards coffee?

I write when my mind is free from all other activities so never had such attraction towards coffee. Although scientifically speaking (Research is my primary profession), drinking coffee (as well as its aroma) stimulates the brain and enhances the memory performance to certain extent. Essentially it ignites our senses (feelings).

5) How and why writing can ever soothe a soul?

I believe a person who has the ability to scribble (present) ones feelings always has an edge. Writing gives a medium to  connect one’s thoughts with the world around us. Essentially, for me, writing is a sophisticated form of Vomiting – you flush it all out of your system but in an organized way.

And one always has a glow after vomiting. 😉

Thank you Swatii for nominating me. 🙂

Now, The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (just like I did)
  2. Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you. (Feels good to answer)
  3. Nominate some other bloggers for this award. (Sharing is caring)
  4. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated. (One terrific brain exercise it is)
  5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated. (Else they might not know)

My Nominees:

1. Sharmishtha – Let the experience speak

2. Jobsons – Waiting for your answers

3. E. I. Wong – Waiting for your answers

4. Bree Paige – Hope you answer

Now the questions:

a. What’s your favourite posture when it comes to writing? Do you prefer laptop/ipad or the traditional pen and pad?

b. Do you use own life experiences or its always fictional?

c. Does sitting in nature help writing? If yes then how?

d. Who is your role model in life and why?

e. Is verbal narration better than writing?

Phewww…. Completed 🙂

A 3 day quote challenge!

Day 2

The challenge continues!!

This time I am posting a quote which I have used in All the best, Baby (my debut novel).

This is amongst my favourite quote and a life lesson.


We should concentrate our energy on things we want rather than sulking on things we hate.

 Today I am nominating the following 3 people:

a. Parker – lets have some fun!

b. Magdalena – Looking for some positive messages.

c. Don Charisma – Hope you like it.

Rules, as specified, by Swatii

1) Write 3 different quotes for 3 consecutive days.

2) Nominate 3 people everyday.

3)Be grateful for the person who nominated.

Have fun!!


I heard this story a decade back and wondered about its authenticity. Although the story was palpable but I felt jitters every time its thought crossed my mind. Not being a big fan of horror or suspense proved to be a blessing in disguise. The story goes like this:

Somewhere in a hospital near the dense forests of Kerala, ICU patients died in the same bed every Sunday at 11A.M. The patients had no sign of any murder weapon or injury marks. Their heart would just stop beating. The death of one or two patients can be a coincidence, but the sudden unexplained demise of patients over a period of 9 weeks on the same bed and same time cannot be ruled out with co-incidence.

Doctors and nurses thought it was something Supernatural. A secret visit of a renowned ‘Tantrik’ also went in vain, as the death toll continued.

Henceforth a nationwide expert team was formed to investigate the cause and save the reputation of the hospital.

Next Sunday fifteen minutes before 11 A.M., all doctors and nurses gathered around the bed in an adjoining dark room and waited patiently/bravely in an attempt to resolve the mystery.

Suddenly, the ICU gate was half-opened by an unrevealing entity. Muniyamma, the part time Sunday sweeper appeared, unplugged the Life Support system of the bed and plugged in her mobile charger.

 I hope you all enjoyed reading my last post of 2014. 😛 🙂

I wish you all have a great year ahead. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone 🙂 God bless all 🙂 Keep smiling. Keep Living 🙂


Life Mantra

A famous quote by Napolean Hill goes like this – Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Over the years many people have tried applying many such theories into their practical existence and have failed miserably thereby concluding it all as a hoax. Many people think that only visualizing or imagining something they want will lead them directly to it. The process isn’t that simple (Although it is simple for the ones who understand it). Having read a number of books on similar subject matter I have developed some understanding which I believe will be useful to all (Also I have used it in day to day activities).

Let’s start with something simple. Life is meant to be happy. Our purpose in this life is to spread happiness and smiles and we can only do that if we are feeling happy. Once we start feeling happy, everything around us starts responding in the same way. For instance, when you smile at a person don’t you get smile in return? So, start your day with a smile. A little too simple you would say. Well, life is meant to be simple. We make it complicated.

Are you looking for more in this post? Well, there is nothing more except a 🙂

Name Propaganda

Dear All,

After having received quite a handful of queries and remarks regarding the name I have chosen, i.e., KSSBABY, I decided to give a short and genuine explanation for the same.

KSS being short for Karan Singh Surana and BABY coming from ‘All The Best, BABY, which as most you know is my debut yet-to-be published novel (and the fact that my baby inspired me to start my own blog has no connection whatsoever) 😛

Sorry for disappointing those of you who expected an I between the K and S. 😀

Very soon i’m gonna upload a portion from my novel. So stay hooked.

And yes, a very Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians. Stay Happy. Stay United. Stay Blessed. Keep Smiling 🙂