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Why Batman?

Someone recently asked me – Amongst the exhausting list of superheroes why Batman tops my list?

Now that’s a question with many possible arguments, so let’s look at it objectively. The whole point of worshipping a superhero basically implies someone whom you can relate to. The commonly adored Superheroes apart from Batman are:

  1. Superman
  2. Ironman
  3. Flash
  4. Hulk
  5. Thor
  6. Captain America
  7. Spiderman
  8. Shaktiman

and so many others…

P.S. – The order shown is merely a reflection of the way these names appeared in my mind.

Superman – Firstly, the guy is an alien. His father sent him to Earth before the destruction of his home planet Krypton. So essentially in order to be Superman my father should have blasted me off to some distant habitable planet. Since no such event occurred so the idea of being Superman does not resonate with my mind. Also Superman uses geek spectacles to hide his true identity from the public around which sounds surreal to me.

Ironman – Ironman would have been my second choice, provided – he didn’t have an arc reactor on his chest (yes am well aware it is removed in the third part), he didn’t wear a bulky suit made up of all metal, didn’t reveal his identity in public and last but not the least, wasn’t so much erm… what’s the word … Flashy. Oh that reminds me of another superhero.

Flash – In one word, he violates laws of Physics … Okay five words … His only power is super-speed, even greater than the speed of light. Since he is no God, thus travelling at such lightning speed would result in rupturing lungs, stomach, kidney …. Basically he would burst in flames and vanish in matter of nanoseconds.

Hulk – The alter ego of Bruce Banner shows up in the form of giant inhuman green creature as he was once caught up in gamma radiations. Let’s face it, no such thing has happened to me till date and in the event of occurrence of such an event I would die as I don’t have such a huge ego to alter me in some giant black creature (Batman spots Hulk from a distance and asks – Does it come in black).

Thor – He is a Lord and I am not, period. Again he belongs to a different galaxy.

Captain America – The name itself doesn’t appeal even a tiny bit, thus no point in further discussion. Although he was created by injection of experimental serum into his body, but he had no role in preparation of it except that he volunteered for the experiment.

Spiderman – The guy who trashes the whole city with spider webs, really? I don’t see myself doing that ever.  There is an old saying – If you can’t stick to the walls you can’t be Spiderman. Hence, swings away any hope to be Spidey.

Shaktiman – Translated in English as Powerman much like Superman, is the most popular Indian Superhero. Although he has two great similarities to Superman, viz., he conceals his identity by wearing geek glasses and he can be controlled or even killed by a special type of stone. He gained all his superpowers by meditation which seems reasonable, but I don’t see myself whirling at insane speed and travelling to far off lands in matter of seconds.

Now, my reasons for worshipping Batman!

The chief notion behind Batman is – rise above your fear and turn it into your strength. Bat here is merely a symbolism; it could be anything to anyone.

Batman doesn’t kill anyone, even in the weakest of the moments, he uses his own strength and of course some high-end technological weapons to fight crime.

He is from planet Earth, one amongst us.

No giant body deformation in anger, no devil stone to control or kill him.

He does not run at speed of light.

Last but definitely not the least; Batman has BATMOBILE and two sidekicks – Catwoman and Robin.