Reviews: All the best, Baby

Dear friends/readers,

Since a long time I have been meaning to share the reviews received for the debut book (All the best, baby). More important than sharing is to assemble all the lovely reviews at one platform, what place better than my own blog. Finally, I got some time and energy to do so.

Ever since the formal book launch event on April 5th, 2015 I have received valuable and heart-warming feedbacks. Presenting most of them here.

Oh! Before we start, the book is available at Amazon and Flipkart.

#1 Review by Neha Agarwal ~ Amazing story by the author ‘Karan Singh Surana’. Words are so beautifully drafted, that it can take you to the world of hostel guys. I really enjoyed reading “All the best, baby” . . The story is full of excitement, new challenges, emotions, anxiety to know what comes next. . It really touched me . .
Karan bhaiya you are great, seriously speaking you carry your own charm , insigna of pride and sense of humour which makes you stand out in the crowd . . KUDOS !!
My fav line- “True love is not just when you keep holding on to a person, but also when you let go.”

#2 Review by Priyani Sarkar ~ As refreshing as it was reading a new story so was the writing, which had its essence in a new way.
“One rises in love”, my favourite line from this book justifies the story in itself the most! It had its fun moments too, making it a compact package including comedy, romance, and tragedy all in one!
I wouldn’t say buy the book. But all I can tell you is, if you don’t you are missing a lovely story! And for book lovers like me that’s a major issue 😉
Way to Mr. Karan Singh Surana …will eagerly wait for your next story!

#3 Review by Nupur Jain ~ Worth reading Its such a heart touching story..nice blend of friendship and love ..after reading I realised that Sahil is a trustworthy, honest, strong guy with true emotions.. ..The author has very nicely expressed each n every feelings n emotions in a fantastic way and that’s the sign of a great author ..Hats off…while reading it seemed like everything is going on in front of me. Each and every part made me feel the reality of life and from now on I too believe that ‘Everything happens for a good reason’ 🙂 I don’t have enough words to praise your work in an apt manner…truly amazing eagerly waiting for the sequel…Keep going.

#4 Review by Enakshi Johari ~ It is true that every relationship has problems but true love is when you want to stick beside your significant other, inspite of a stormy relationship and all the hurdles that block your path. “All the best baby” is all about holding on to your love, even when the final outcome is not predictable. The author has successfully crafted the characters of Sahil and Natasha, their strict and stubborn parents, their wonderful friends and the corrupt teachers and administration in Orion (or probably every other University) University. The novella is fast paced, with short and to-the-point chapters. The ambience smells of young romance and the plot highlights the cliché (d) inter caste weddings that restricts two people from falling in love without prior information about their background, caste, religion and what not! There are some dialogues that directly target the society and are indeed delightful.
Overall, good effort by the author!

#5 Review by Puja Pareek ~ Firstly, I must congratulate Mr. Surana for coming up with this fine a tale.. a tale of relationship drama, romance, friendship, corruption and the idealism that surrounds it!! As a reader, I, indeed enjoyed the content. Nonetheless, Sahil… you stole my heart, man! The funny instinct of ‘asheel baba’ & idiocy of ‘sumesh stupid’ leave no part humorless. What keeps you more engrossed is the chemistry and the conversation between the love birds.. Sahil & Nats. Undoubtedly, alike every other classic story, even ‘ATBB’ succeeds in keeping you yearn for “what happened next”. Each nuance has been taken care of well, all throughout the description of any & every incident. The scenes of hostel life, image of Dilwalon ki Delhi & hunger of corrupt officials are simply so realistic and easily relate-able. Wishing the author great success in life! ATBB is a must-read novel especially, if you’re sick of unnecessary vulgarism and unrealistic approach of storyline in the others.

#6 Review by Sreyansh Dugar ~ Makes for a compelling read!
The small instances are so beautifully written. And the real values of emotions – friends, relationships and roommates – all very beautifully written.
College students can easily relate to it!
If the ending is suggestive of a sequel, I am eagerly waiting for it.
Well done. Kudos to the author.

#7 Review by Nikita Mahajan ~ Karan bhaiya you have properly described the perfect blend of friendship and love… and yes the definitions about true love were amazing and I do agree with some of them. The words and instances described in this book are very impressive and heart warming. Your last quote in novel EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A DAMN GOOD CAUSE, ONLY IF U BELIEVE is amazing and it motivates me.. I enjoyed a lot while reading it and this novel is now amongst my favourite ones now. In short ALL THE BEST, BABY is totally awesome, amazing, fantabulous…. and am eagerly waiting for the next part of this novel.
U r great bhaiya. All the best bhaiya.

#8 Review by Dimple Singh ~ “All the best, baby” is very close to my heart because I was waiting for this novel since a long time. Thank you so much for sending this book dear. It was known to me that you are far better than any other author or novelist … but after reading this novel, I was completely amazed to see the way you elucidated each and every feeling of yours. It was so nicely presented that I could literally visualize each and every scenario. It’s never easy to express one’s emotions, yet you did an appreciative task in that aspect also.
I too believe in the fact that – Whatever happens happen for a good cause. All my good wishes are with you and yes I am desperately waiting for a sequel.
Keep rocking.
Love you always.
And yes for every book lover out there, this book is a must read….

#9 Review by Monishika Gupta ~ The book besides having a humorous appeal also deals with the fears and insecurities of a student. The casual easy-flowing style makes for easy reading. These 150 pages of pure fun, take you back to hostel life. The story revolves around love, friendship, relationships and campus life. It is a well-constructed book with great characters and a captivating plot. Great work Karan!

#10 Review by Prerna Jain ~ You do not need fancy words, great language and big style to talk .. you just need to speak simple words from the bottom of your heart. Language of heart overwrites any other language .. I finished the book in one sitting .. simply superb book.. I never used to read books but because of ‘All the best, Baby’ I shall continue reading books.. Great campus love story and provoking conversations. Eagerly waiting for your next edition. Karan bhaiya you rocks!!

#11 Review by Sneha Agarwal ~ Days became shorter and nights stretched as I went on reading your novel which made me think twice… It’s a perfect blend of friendship n love, it’s a positive effort to criticise the scenario in our society which is must needed.. I got emotional while going through the last part of the novel. Now that I have completed, I should conclude that ‘All the best, Baby’ is the appropriate title for it.

#12 Review by Sweta Nakhat ~ A must read book I wud say….well framed & expressed. As far as I know Sahil is a kinda guy who always keeps pulling others leg (very well described each & every moment) … but honestly saying the story has been framed and written in such beautiful n simple way that one could feel that & imagine that how it would have happened … padhte padhte aisa lag raha tha ki meri ankhon k saamne sab kuch ho raha hai .. neverthless I would say that the story is very lively…. The author has written a story in a very good way. It’s one of the sign of a good author … The climax is superb.
Well done Karan keep up the spirit of writing…
Wish to read your next book very soon..

#13 Review by Ujjwal Bachhuka ~ Finally completed! It was great reading ‘All The Best Baby ‘. The small parts of the story was drafted so beautifully. Not a regular reader but was suggested by a friend. A big congrats to the author “Karan Singh Surana”. Sir, it was a beautiful story! Can’t wait for your another book.

#14 Review by Anjali Gupta  ~ Now this is the book I was eagerly waiting for..I don’t have words but yeah I will try. I had tears in my eyes while reading some conversations of Sahil and Natasha. A person with a beautiful heart has put down his good and bad experience in words so well that we can imagine d whole scenario… And last but not the least I can sum up the novel in only three alphabets “WOW”… waiting for your next novel..

#15 Review by Jyoti Rathi  ~ Bhaiya! Bhaiya! Bhaiya! I deadly loved your book… every bit of it was damn touchy n every word could be felt while reading it felt like everything is happening in front of me n that makes one a true author. It was a perfect blend of true eternal love, friendship, career, family.. life is not the way we plan.. N everything happens for a reason sometimes we get to know the reason later on.. Indeed the best book ever read.. Hats off to you legend bhaiya.. eagerly waiting for your next book .. #keep going #keep blazing.

#16 Review by Nivrita Tiwari  ~ Excellent blend of romance and friendship… The author “Karan Singh Surana” have described the meaning of true love and affection in very simple words…with appropriate selection of words.. the positivity in book involves d readers… Waiting for d next part of All the best baby.. 

#17 Review by Khushboo Kumari ~ Just got the book.. started in morning and finished up at noon… loved every bit of it… words will fall short.. I am simply not getting vocabulary to praise more… Anyway well done sir… cant wait for your another book!!

#18 Review by Rachna Nagar ~ “All the best Baby” is the first novel, I have read till date and i was thrilled after reading it. The story depicted, in this novel is quite funny & humorous, along with a cute love angle. I enjoyed reading each and every bit of it. Good job my dear Karan Sir. 

 #19 Review by Sunanda Kakroo ~ Fantabulous and deep story which depicts blend of love, friendship, corruption, discrimination – This story is a masterpiece for me as it reminds me of my hostel and college days. There were so many realistic and touching moments which made me nostalgic. This story reveals that life is full of obstacles and you yourself have to choose the right path. In this story every relationship friendship and love is beautifully described.
It takes courage to let go of the person you love as ‘Sahil’ did in this story and shows true love is that when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own and love is eternal.
This story shows people in India still believe in caste, creed, etc. They fear what society will say about them and forget the happiness of their own family member.It is a story which is a blend of love, friendship, corruption and inter-caste marriage.

#20 Review by Bhavna Sharma ~ You sit to read a novel and you don’t plan to finish it in one go but ALL THE BEST BABY is such book which you can’t keep down until you are finished with it. Such simple language, each instance reminds about the days spent in college and the novel not just revolves around love but all the aspects of life – love, friendship, corruption and everything else. Worth reading; just waiting for another work from the author.

#21 Review by Siddartha Dahiya ~ Hey karan bhaiya I completed “All the Best Baby”. It was a real nice read considering that it’s the very first novel I read and of course you’ve written. At any point of time it didn’t look like your first actually. Very detailed and realistic description of fun and good times of college and hostel life.. “masti with friends”  and the ups and downs of the so called “divided by casts and united with love” kinda Indian love stories.  Things one can relate too as the characters and situations were realistic. Worth reading.. keep up the good work…waiting eagerly for the next release. Till then All the Best Baby.

#22 Review by Swati Pokhrial ~ The story is beautiful and I’m glad that I bought it so that I can read it again whenever I want. This book is really special as its the only book that I can relate to and I’m sure all people who have ever fallen in love will agree on this. The last pages of the book were the most emotional. Kudos to the author for being so honest and expressive in his book. Its not easy to bare your heart out to the world. It takes a lot of courage. The book also shows the beautiful bond of friendship and the significance it has in our lives. It’s so relatable that you will surely be able to relate with some character or the other in the book.
I’m glad that in this book the author has emphasised on the minor details and the cutest incidents and expressions which make a relationship special. The book depicts relationship in the purest and the most honest form which is difficult to find in other romantic novels these days.
The book has the best romantic one liners and the amazing quotes on #TrueLove are simply beautiful.! ❤ This book is a reminder to all those people who have forgotten the meaning of true love. I congratulate the young writer for his debut, I will be eagerly waiting for many more published work from him 🙂
I also love the last part where the author ends the book on a very positive note where he states that……
Oh no no, u think I’m gonna give u all the details? 😛
Please buy the book and read it. I’m sure u will love it just like i did 🙂

 #23 Review by Vimmi ~ Once in a while we come across a Novel which really engrosses our attention and sustains our interest till the end. Without any doubt this Novel belongs to this category.
A die-hard romantic novel which will be lauded by one and all.

#24 Review by Vishal Bheeroo ~ A detailed review can be accessed by clicking on the following link –

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